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•  Influence of mold material flowability on molding proces [2019-10-11]
     The quality index of the molding material not only affects its fluidity, but also closely relates to the quality of the product. Practice has shown that in the quality index of the central molding material, the volatile content should be strictly controlled. T
•  SMC mold manufacturer: main application fields of FRP mo [2019-10-11]
     FRP is a fiber composite material composed of a synthetic resin as a matrix and a glass fiber as a reinforcing material. FRP has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, chemical corrosion resistance and good electrical insulation. Due to its excell
•  Advantages of compression molding [2019-10-11]
     (1) The loss of raw materials is small and does not cause excessive loss (usually 2% to 5% of the quality of the product). (2) The internal stress of the product is very low, and the warpage deformation is also small, and the mechanical properties are relativ
•  Molding process [2019-10-11]
     The SMC composite material is a sheet molding material prepared by impregnating a fiber or a chopped fiber mat with a resin paste and covering the polyethylene film on both sides, and belongs to the range of the prepreg. SMC has high molding efficiency, good s
•  Application status of molded molds in the automotive fie [2019-10-11]
     With the global energy shortage and the development of new energy, molded molds have been used more and more in the automotive industry. Mainly used in the following aspects. 1. Body parts such as ceilings, skylights, doors, front and rear bumpers, etc. This

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