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Injection mold assembly process

Issuing time:2019/10/11 10:34:16
1. Preparation before the installation of the injection mold factory
Confirm the cooling water passage. The depth of the screw in the plate is 1.5-1.8 times the diameter of the screw. If the tightening is insufficient, it is easy to slide, and there is a risk that the mold falls. confirm
Operators, materials, tools, documents, equipment, auxiliary machines, etc. What is needed for production is complete.
2. Method of suspending a mold in an injection mold factory
When the suspension mold is not horizontal, the mold cavity will have different steps before and after the mold is installed. For the production of complex products, there will be low concentricity, poor channel, tooth shape
Problems such as poor precision. Walking distance
When installing the mold, pay attention to this problem: when the mold is placed and pushed to a small position, the mold clamping stops. Loosen and tighten the lifting ring. The above mode is the reference
Test (because the front mold has a positioning ring). When the rear portion is observed, the position of the cavity is uniform when the level of the current mold is good. Continue to hold the mold until it is finished, but not
To start high pressure. Good (when the upper mold is closed, the high pressure should not be used first, and it is confirmed that the mold can be normal before starting the high pressure).
3. The tightening method of the injection mold factory
Low temperature molds, ie mold temperatures below 50 degrees, can withstand high pressures. The front and rear molds are diagonally fastened. 8 screws can be tightened. When the mold temperature is higher than 50
The screws should not be too tight before reaching the mold temperature. After the mold temperature is reached, start the high pressure and tighten the screws diagonally.
As the temperature increases, the mold material will expand and increase in volume. When the mold temperature is higher, it is more obvious: if the screw is tightened before the temperature rises, it will be
The life of the mold and the accuracy of the mold have some impact.
4. Use adhesive materials in the injection mold factory.
When the thickness of the mold is insufficient, a template needs to be added. When the mold temperature is high, the heat shield is installed between the machine board and the mold. Whether it is a template or a heat shield, flat
The overallity should be as small as possible.
If the flatness is large, the front and rear molds of the mold are not parallel, and there is a difference after the high pressure is closed, which affects the quality of the product. When the mold temperature reaches the set value
When the actual mold temperature is verified and the mold thickness is adjusted.