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How to debug the injection molding process

Issuing time:2019/10/11 10:35:20
The mold temperature affects the molding cycle and the molding quality. In actual work, the material is set at a suitable mold temperature and then adjusted according to the quality conditions.
The precise mold temperature refers to the temperature of the cavity surface during the molding process. It is important to maintain a uniform distribution and adjustment in the mold design and molding process.
When the temperature.
Uneven mold temperature distribution results in uneven shrinkage and internal stress, which can deform and deform the forming port.
Increasing the mold temperature has the following effects:
Increase moldability and relatively uniform structure
Increase mold shrinkage and reduce shrinkage.
Improve the strength and heat resistance of molded products
Reduce internal stress residuals, molecular alignment and strain
Reduce flow negative resistance and reduce pressure loss during charging
Make your molded products look shiny and cool
Increase the possibility of burrs on molded parts
Increase the possibility of close proximity and reduce the depression of the far door
Reduce the visibility of the bond line
Increase cooling time
The pressure in the injection molding process controls every movement in the injection molding process, whether it is a hydraulic injection molding machine or an electric injection molding machine. Proper control
Pressure can produce a finished product of reasonable quality.
Pressure regulation and weighing systems In hydraulic injection molding machines, all movements are performed by oil circuits, which are responsible for the following tasks:
Rotate the screw during the plasticizing stage.
Sliding material channel (nozzle close to the nozzle bushing)
Axial movement and holding pressure of the injection screw during injection
Close the base with a plunger until the toggle is fully extended or the piston clamping stroke is complete.
Launch component ejector to pop up component
In a full voltage motor, all motion is performed by a brushless synchronous motor with permanent magnets. Ball screw used in the machine tool industry converts rotary motion into straight lines
motion. The efficiency of the entire process depends in part on the plasticization process, in which the screw plays an important role.
Screws must be made to melt and homogenize the material. You can use the back pressure to adjust this process to avoid overheating. Mixed elements do not cause polymer degradation
Excess flow rate.
Each polymer has a different flow rate and a large value, and if this limit is exceeded, the molecules stretch and the polymer backbone breaks. However, what is important is
The front axle movement of the screw is still controlled during the injection and holding process. Subsequent cooling processes, including inherent stresses, tolerances and deformations, are critical to ensure product quality
Want. This depends inter alia on the quality of the mould when optimizing the cooling channel and to ensure an effective closed-loop temperature control. The system is completely independent and does not interfere with mechanical adjustments.
Mold movements, such as closed molds and jets, must be accurate, accurate and effective. Speed ​​curves are often used to determine if moving parts are very close. You can adjust
Contact maintenance. Therefore, it can be concluded that the quality of the product is mainly determined by the system that controls the forward movement phase of the screw, regardless of energy consumption and mechanical reliability.
Sex and the same additional conditions (for example, mold quality). In hydraulic injection molding machines, this adjustment is made by detecting hydraulic pressure. Specifically, hydraulic pressure control
The plate activates a set of valves and the fluid acts through the manipulator to be adjusted and discharged.
Injection speed control includes options such as open loop control, semi-closed loop control and closed loop control. The open loop system uses a shared proportional valve. Apply proportional tension to the desired ratio
In the fluid of the example, the fluid is caused to generate pressure in the syringe, allowing the injection screw to move at a certain advance speed.
The semi-closed loop system uses a closed loop proportional valve. At the point where the port is closed, the loop is closed and the closed port moves within the valve to control the flow rate of the oil. Closed loop system
It is closed at the screw stroke speed. In closed loop systems, a speed sensor (usually a potentiometer type) is used to periodically detect a drop in tension. Can adjust the outflow ratio
The valve oil is used to compensate for any speed deviations that occur.
Closed loop control relies on dedicated electronics integrated in the machine. Closed-loop pressure control ensures uniform pressure during the injection and stop phases and ensures each cycle
Uniform back pressure. The proportional valve is adjusted by the detected pressure value, and the deviation correction is performed according to the set pressure value.
Typically, hydraulic pressure can be monitored, but detecting the melt pressure of the nozzle or chamber is another effective way. A more reliable solution is to read the nozzle or cavity pressure reading
To manage the proportional valve. Increased temperature sensing based on pressure sensing is particularly beneficial for process management.
Knowing the actual pressure the material can withstand will help predict the actual weight and size of the molded part based on the set pressure and temperature conditions. In practice, through reform
Changing the holding pressure value can introduce more materials together to reduce component shrinkage, depending on design tolerances (including preset injection shrinkage). Semi-crystalline polymer in melting
A large volume change is shown near the melting condition. In this regard, overfilling does not prevent the component from draining.