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Advantages of compression molding

Issuing time:2019/10/11 10:39:42

(1) The loss of raw materials is small and does not cause excessive loss (usually 2% to 5% of the quality of the product).

(2) The internal stress of the product is very low, and the warpage deformation is also small, and the mechanical properties are relatively stable.

(3) The wear of the cavity is small, and the maintenance cost of the mold is low.

(4) The cost of the molding equipment is low, the mold structure is relatively simple, and the manufacturing cost is usually lower than that of the injection mold or the transfer molding mold.

(5) It is possible to form a large flat product, and the size of the product which can be molded by molding is determined only by the clamping force of the existing molding machine and the size of the template.

(6) The shrinkage rate of the product is small and the repeatability is good.

(7) It is possible to place a mold having a large number of cavities on a given template, and the productivity is high.

(9) It can adapt to automatic feeding and automatic removal of products.

(10) High production efficiency, easy to achieve specialization and automated production.

(11) The product has high dimensional accuracy and good repeatability.

(12) The surface is smooth and does not require secondary modification.

(13) It is possible to form a product having a complicated structure at one time.

(14) Mass production, the price is relatively low.