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SMC mold manufacturer: main application fields of FRP mold

Issuing time:2019/10/11 10:40:44

FRP is a fiber composite material composed of a synthetic resin as a matrix and a glass fiber as a reinforcing material. FRP has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, chemical corrosion resistance and good electrical insulation. Due to its excellent performance, FRP materials are widely used. FRP molds are indispensable production tools for the production of FRP products, and FRP molds are also used in many fields of manufacturing.

FRP mold application field classification:

1, auto parts mold: car bumper, instrument panel instrument panel, grid grille, car lights, door panels, sunshade, engine cover, air conditioner housing, battery box, etc.

2, sanitary ware mold: bathtub, shower, shower tray, waterproof tray, toilet lid toilet, sink, sink, etc.

3, electrical and electrical mold: meter box, distribution box, cable branch box, electrical switch box, insulators, cable brackets, etc.

4, military products mold: bulletproof helmet, bulletproof board, bulletproof shield, bullet box, etc.

5. Construction molds: water tanks, manhole covers, garbage bins, garbage bins, helmet helmets, door panels, septic tanks, anti-glare panels, etc.

6, sporting goods mold: basketball board, table tennis table, glass steel seat, etc.